The Fort’s Super Bowl LVII Ad Superlatives

The Fort’s Super Bowl LVII Ad Superlatives

We all know the Super Bowl wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the commercials. Millions of dollars, thousands of ideas, and hundreds of people push the envelope every year to deliver bigger, better, more buzz-worthy ad spots that will get audiences talking. Here at The Fort, we’ve rounded up our top picks from this year’s game and present to you: The Fort’s Super Bowl LVII Ad Superlatives.

Most Memorable: Tubi “Interface Interruption” 

Was it just us or did everyone think they’d sat on the remote during this commercial? Tubi captured our attention with its clever antics, earning the title “Most Memorable” in our book.

Best Use of Celebrity: Pepsi “Great Acting or Great Taste” 

Several brands relied on the star power of well known celebrities this year, but none did it quite like Pepsi. Ben Stiller and Steve Martin drew in audiences of all ages, paying homage to roles previously played in beloved films. They both have us wondering, is Pepsi Zero Sugar actually that good, or were they acting? Guess we’ll have to try it and find out.

Best Use of Drama + Humor/Longest Air Time: Google “Fixed on Pixel” 

This ad for Google’s Pixel 7 smartphone may have been the longest commercial of the night, but it didn’t seem like it. Starting with a seemingly heartfelt, tender moment and transitioning into a comedic piece with something funny for everyone proved to work really well for Google this year.

Most Confusing: M&M’s “Clamderful”

For all the hype around M&M’s spokescandies disappearing and being replaced by Maya Rudolph in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, we were admittedly underwhelmed by the actual commercial during the game. It was confusing, especially for viewers who hadn’t been following the brand recently.

Most Potential/Biggest Flop: Coinbase “Less talk, more Bitcoin”

Did you scan the floating QR code only to be sent to a crashed website? Us, too. Coinbase saw an opportunity to become the most talked about ad this year, attempted to take it, and fumbled spectacularly when their website couldn’t handle the traffic produced by the ad. For a cryptocurrency company asking its customers to trust them with their virtual money, that wasn’t exactly a great first impression. Genius idea, poor execution when it mattered.</p>

Fan Favorite: The Farmer’s Dog “Forever” 

Grab the box of tissues, this commercial will make you cry. The Farmer’s Dog earned the top spot on USA Today’s Super Bowl ad meter, tugging on the heartstrings of the audience by showing us something we can relate to – loving our furry friends til the very end.

Which commercial was your favorite this year? Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments what superlatives you would add to our list.

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